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Randy VanDalsen

The Buske Group
Vice President
Sacramento, CA
Randy VanDalsen's career in cable access management, production, and research began in 1972. With nearly 20 years of hands-on management experience and another 25 years as a consultant, VanDalsen brings a unique perspective to issues faced by access management organizations and local governments.

VanDalsen is a partner at The Buske Group, a cable communications consulting firm that is widely acclaimed by government officials and public interest advocates. Prior to joining The Buske Group, he was Access Sacramento’s first Executive Director from 1985-1991. During that time, Access Sacramento received 45 nominations and 23 First Place awards in national and regional competitions, including the "Overall Excellence in Public Access" award from the Hometown Video Festival in 1989 and 1991. During the 1970s, VanDalsen managed Public Access in East Lansing, Michigan, site of the 3rd annual conference of the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers (now the Alliance for Community Media -- ACM) in 1980.

In early 2005, VanDalsen co-founded “We The Media,” a group of video producers in Sacramento that creates “Media Edge," an award-winning series presented on several cable access channels in the United States, and available on-demand at archive.org. “Media Edge" offers two hours of progressive viewpoints every week, including locally produced and nationally distributed videos and documentaries.

In 2005, VanDalsen received the Brian Wilson Memorial Award for Outstanding PEG Mentorship from the Western Region of the ACM.

In 2009, VanDalsen was honored as the recipient of the Dirk Koning-George Stoney Award for Humanistic Communication from the ACM.
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