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Dana Healy

CTV North Suburbs
Executive Director
Roseville, Minnesota
In the wake of a new franchise agreement that had reduced funding by 40%, and a steady 10% drop in cable subscribers, CTV North Suburbs is still projected to bring in 8% more revenue in 2019 than budgeted, has increased production output, and remains steadfast on strongly serving stakeholders. Spearheading the unpopular initiative of eliminating “public access” services and radically changing the organization’s mission, were the results of taking a long, hard look at what was important for stakeholders and breaking out of what had always been done. How did CTV North Suburbs adapt and thrive during its most difficult economic times?
Dana Healy is the Executive Director of CTV North Suburbs. She leads a team of Emmy-award winning professionals who produce and distribute video content with a purpose. Her guiding principle is, “Don’t make videos, make an impact.” She holds two master’s degrees she earned while working full-time. Her passion is discovering and planning effective communication strategies to help municipalities, nonprofits, and businesses reach their target audience. She also holds a third degree black belt in Karate, which she only occasionally uses in business meetings.

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